Firefighters continue to battle blazes in nsw, cld

Firefighters continue to battle blazes in nsw, cld. The fire is at 25% control but has continued to grow. — Ainslie Mckinnon (@AinslieMckinnonWFAN) August 23, 2017

The fire is burning on the third floor of the hotel at 3230 S. Central Ave. around 1 a.m. and is on the cordoned off area. At least one fire truck continues to drive around the fire, the department’s tweet said.

The fire started from above and was quickly put out by the building’s firefighting equipment.

#WFAN @WFAN_News: #Nunaim바카라사이트oa – #FerryFire: The fire in #nunaimoa is raging – firefighting is ongoing — WFAN Winnipeg (@WFAN_News) August 23, 2017

The building is at 2450 S. Central Ave.

The scene

This is a pic of th바카라사이트e hotel from the scene. — Ainslie Mckinnon (@AinslieMckinnonWFAN) August 23, 2017

Aerial image shows the ground just beyond the perimeter of the #Nunaimoa fire area. #WFAN @WFAN_News — WFAN Winnipeg (@WFAN_News) August 23, 2017

The blaze spread to the lower level of the hotel, spreading on the floor더킹카지노boards and leaving a pile of debris.

No one has been in the hotel for some time.

Smoke lingers in the air

Firefighters were on scene about 45 minutes after arriving and fire crews were still battling the fire.

Cody Nelson is a media reporter on site, and we’re in control of the scene right now – a large area is down there – we are battling the fire. #WFAN @WFAN_News — Ainslie Mckinnon (@AinslieMckinnonWFAN) August 23, 2017

Firefighters were able to reach the first floor of the hotel, but by this stage the smoke was so thick the ground was starting to collapse on top of them.

The area is still covered in flames, but the interior of the building appears to b

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